We all love the idea of that little getaway cabin. But the work and expense involved keep most of us from doing it.

But in the video below you'll see two men build this cute little place in just one afternoon, and it was very affordable.

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Just head out and get some wood. Though with the cost of wood today that might cost you a lot. Maybe wait until that price comes down again.

As for tools, the way these guys do it - it doesn't take much.

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They did use some screws and some nails. But mostly they cut the wood in a way that allowed it to join together like a giant puzzle.

In the video, below, you'll see a few shortcuts. But if you want to be a bit more thorough than they were, go right ahead. It will just take a little more time and a bit more money.

Here is how you cut a door open to save time.

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Their technique for making windows and the roof was fun to watch, inexpensive, and time-saving.

You can go and buy a prefabbed shed, some assembly required. That will save you even more time. But those will be a bit more expensive because most of the work was done for you.

If you want to save a bunch of money, this is the way to go.

To me, this looks like a cute little backyard retreat or maybe that little cabin getaway when you want to go camping on the weekend but don't care to spend the money and work on a full-size cabin.

Here is the full build in video format.

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