In the San Francisco East Bay area, conservatives say they live a secret life now. Many feel liberals speaking out about Trump has gone over the top. The social situations are so awkward some are considering moving to a place like ... WYOMING?

Around the East Bay, conservatives don’t say what they really feel out of fear for their safety. They now have secret meetings. A tv station, KPIX5, was invited to visit, but the CBS affiliate was asked not to reveal the location, and who attended.

One conservative cited a recent Berkeley demonstration where libs got violent. He also said, “Being a conservative in the Bay Area is like being a heretic. You lead a double life, and can never tell co-workers or even friends. Liberals pride themselves on being diverse, and they are about everything but their ideology.”

So we’ll poll those in the Equality State who are sympathetic. As we are considered politically the opposite of California, maybe conservatives would be more comfortable here. Here's the question for Wyoming conservatives about California's conservative refugees.