I'm a busy working mom with five kids.

Their ages are 16 to 7 and all of them are busy with the last few weeks of wrestling...which means that I've been in survival mode when it comes to cooking and keeping up on all the household chores.

Living in rural Wyoming means that there isn't an opportunity for me to pick up drive-through food at a convent time, and there isn't any place in Wyoming that delivers to our home.

This means that I'm always on the hunt for cooking hacks, tips and tricks that will make my life easier.

A year or so ago I learned that I had been wasting hours of my life shredding chicken (and beef and pork) for recipes. I admit that I often skipped making recipes that looked healthy and tasty because they called for shredded meat.

Below is a simple way to shred chicken (or beef and pork) that will save you TONS of time.

This cooking hack also works with a handheld mixer if you don't have a large stand-up mixer.

Please note that if you're making a casserole, soup, or pasta you'll want to add the broth and the meat.

If you're making shredded chicken tacos or burritos the broth may make them too soggy, so just use the meat.

This cooking hack also works for leftover roasts.

It's an easy way to take one meal (a roast dinner) and turn it into two or more by shredding the already cooked meat and using it in a new recipe.

Looking for some recipes that use shredded Chicken?

Try my Famous Chicken Pot Pie or Southwest Chicken Salad

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