I have found a brand new video of the frozen waterfall at Rotary Park in Casper that you didn't know you needed.

If you see the person that manages the CivilianSatellite YouTube channel around town, give them a high-five. They have captured a spectacular video of the frozen waterfall at Rotary Park in Casper. When I say "spectacular", I mean it. It's not a long video, but it was captured in full 4K with a 360 degree camera. That means you can control where you look. Nice.

According to the YouTube description, it appears the person that took the video was just trying to test making a 360 degree video. All I can say is that if you're going to test something, the waterfall at Rotary Park is a good choice.

A guy named Ryan commented on the video that he stopped by the waterfall for a chill moment while snowshoeing recently. I would agree this is one of the better mellow places in our area. My family spent time at the waterfall before the snow fell and it's been one of our highlights in Casper so far.

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