There is an inspiring new video that Wrangler just shared about bareback bronc rider Zach Thomas. It shows the many hurdles this guy has overcome over the past few years.

This is just video that Tony Andrew just shared on Vimeo. It tells Zach's story of his 2 tours as an Army vet and his serious injuries (and comeback) as a bronc rider. It's worth your time.

WranglerLegends: Crash Thomas from Tony Andrew on Vimeo.

As the video mentions, Zach suffered a broken back and pelvis at a rodeo in Riverton. After his horse threw him back into the fencing, he was told he wouldn't ride for at least a year. He proved the doctors wrong by being back in the saddle in four months.

Wranger has a page dedicated to Zach's story on their website with additional details and pics of his journey. He is truly Wyoming tough and we salute his never-say-die attitude and approach to life.

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