If you're a parent and your kids have looked at going to college, one thing you may've noticed is, not all colleges offer that same options.

That's an obvious statement, right?

An athletic scholarship is one of those options that differs from school to school.

Wyoming for instance offers the opportunity for rodeo scholarships in 6 colleges, but you won't find rodeo scholarships as an available option in 28 states. Actually, there are only 72 collegiate rodeo teams in the United States that offer rodeo scholarships, but they are out there...especially in Wyoming.

If your soon to be college student athlete is interested in playing football, basketball, soccer, volleyball or running track, there's a good chance you can find scholarships available in Wyoming.

That doesn't mean every sport has an available scholarship.

Baseball is considered America's pastime, it's played a roll in the U.S. throughout the history of the country and in many cases is the first sport played by kids. Even in Wyoming, there are many summer baseball leagues for boys and girls to participate in, there's a legion league and even a summer collegiate wooden bat league.

Where you won't find baseball, as an official sport, is in Wyoming colleges.

Wyoming shares that stat with Alaska, as the only two of the 50 states that doesn't offer any sanctioned baseball options. That means there is no option for a baseball scholarship at any of the colleges in either state.

In all, there are nearly 1,700 colleges in the country that offer baseball scholarships, but none of them are in Wyoming or Alaska.

Just because baseball isn't an official sport at a school and there are no options for scholarships, it doesn't mean there's not a team.

This is where it gets a little more confusing.

Just like rodeo in some states, because a college doesn't 'officially' offer a team, doesn't mean it isn't an option. It just means the option to get a scholarship isn't there.

The University of Wyoming, for instance, has 'club' baseball, but it's not an official team on the university's sports lineup. UW's club team still plays baseball against other schools, it's just not funded by the college.

Club sports are a lot like the baseball, soccer, wrestling or softball leagues you sign your kids up for when they're young. Club sports are funded by the parents and the players. Travel, uniforms and other equipment are paid for by the mandatory fees given to them.

The club teams are a step up from the intramural sports offered at a college. The difference being that instead of playing teams from the same school, they're playing teams from other schools.

So when your kids are looking to continue their education at the college level, making sure they have the options they're looking for, is very important.

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