When it comes to spending time in the Wyoming outdoors camping, there are a few different skill levels and options on the comfort chart. From beginner to expert and everything in between.

The 'Bear Grylls' level, or adventure camping. This type of camping involves you and whatever you can fit into your backpack. Hike all day, set up a makeshift camp, find whatever you can eat, then take off again at first light. This type is for serious outdoors lovers, recommend you researching before you go.

You have your 'John Wayne' level, which is also known as survivalist camping. This is the 'less is more' mind frame of camping. You find the perfect spot away from everyone & everything (sorry, no coffee shops or diners) and you live of the minimum necessities. Throw up the tent, take the basics for food & water, get familiar with the area and relax.

The 'Average Camper' level, or Tent Camping. This is one of the more common types of camping involving the basics and can be done just off the beaten path or in a designated campground. Tent or tents depending on the size of your group, good comfortable sleeping pads, sleeping bags & pillows, coolers with food & drinks, camp stove and s'mores around the campfire (assuming there isn't a fire ban). Taking a little more than you can just carry in.

Next is the 'I'm not sleeping on the hard ground' level, RV camping. This type is a great option is you're looking to stay on the move and not have to rent hotel rooms. With all the comforts of home like a comfy bed, fridge, TV, showers, stove and bathroom. There are definitely advantages to this type of camping... you're not likely to wake up stiff from the hard ground, your stuff isn't going to get wet if it rains and you have heat & air. (Big advantage in the summer or dead of winter)

THEN, you have the 'Kardashian' level of camping...or Glamping. This camping term was established by combining Glamour with Camping. There is nothing wrong with this type of camping, it gets you into nature and allows you to unplug a little. Most 'Glamping' is done in pre constructed campsites, with tents or cabins, comfortable beds, lighting, food & drinks and other amenities that keep you in your comfort level.

If you're taking advantage of the GREAT opportunities available in the Cowboy State, it doesn't matter how you are camping. Don't forget to make reservations if you're going to a campground in of Wyoming's Parks. If you've thought about taking the family out and getting your outdoor life started, here are some great ideas for you to get rolling. AFAR.com magazine has put together some tips to make your camping trip easier.

1. Choose your campsite wisely

2. Get the proper sleeping tools (tent, pad, sleeping bag, pillows..etc)

3. Plan for your outdoor cooking with the right gear

4. Pre plan your food options for all meals and snacks

5. Bring the correct clothing (warmer for the nighttime)

6. Don't forget seating

7. Be prepared for nature! (dirt, bugs, weather)

8. CLEAN UP after yourselves! Leave it better than it was when you got there.

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