Have you ever heard the song "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and thought maybe the words need to be changed to describe the camping season, instead of the holiday season?

If you look at the lyrics, they could be simply changed. Honestly a few different words and boom, it's a camping song. Let's try it.


There'll be parties for hosting
Marshmallows for toasting
And caroling out in the snow
There'll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories of
Christmases long, long ago

Camping Version:

There'll be campfires for hosting

Marshmallows for toasting

and songs sung around the fire.

There'll be scary ghost stories

and tales of Wyoming glories of

mountain campsites long ago.

See, it IS the most wonderful time of the year.

Camping is one of the oldest traditions for families and, in many cases, the first outings where kids felt like they were trusted and relied on to play an important role in the process.

Some of my best memories have included a tent, campfire, family and summer camping adventures. Camping was always something our family not only enjoyed doing, but could afford doing.

Over the last couple years we've all read that Wyoming isn't one of the best states to camp. That's obviously the opinion of someone that's never been here.

Not only to we have regular organized campgrounds and camping areas, but we have so many areas where you can disperse camp and not be bothered, or even see, any other people. Wyoming's RV Camping options are out of this world and there are plenty.

When you're enjoying the outdoors here, you better be taking care of the areas you're camping in so others can also enjoy them.

There are quite a few campsite etiquette rules you should be following.

Outdoors.com is a website that was founded by legendary outdoorsman, Bear Grylls, to help folks embrace the outdoors and gives tips for that to happen. In preparation for this years camping season, which has actually already begun is some places, they shared tent campsite tips to live by

Simple Rules of Campsite Etiqutte

  • Know the regulations and rules before you arrive at your camping destination
    • Most campgrounds, have websites with the rules and guidelines. Know before you go.
  • Don't try to cram too many people into one campsite
    • Sites have a limit on people and vehicles for a reason.
  • Try not to overcrowd campgrounds 
    • If there aren't any open campsites, find another place to camp
  • Don't bring firewood from home. 
    • You may have an invasive species that isn't wanted in your camping area.
    • Many places don't allow you to pick up or cut wood and burn it, so know the rules and get the permits you need
    • Many campgrounds or local vendors will have wood for purchase
  • Try to get to the campsite before dark if in a campground.
    • Other campers are trying to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
    • If you arrive late, set up the minimum you need, then wait until the morning.
  • Follow fire rules. 
    • Fire bans are put in place for a reason. Make sure to plan ahead and know what you can and can't use for cooking and fire.
  • Be bear wise 
    • Bears are a serious business in Wyoming. Not storing your food, trash and other items can lure bears into your campsite.
    • Have bear spray
    • Know what to do in case you have a bear encounter.
  • Secure your camping gear
    • It's not the responsibility of other campers to have to chase down your gear if you don't secure it and the Wyoming wind kicks up.
  • Stay out of other campsites
    • You wouldn't walk through someone else's house or yard, don't walk through their campsite.
  • Think of other campers and keep plenty of space between them and you
    • Everyone needs/ wants their space when trying to enjoy nature. Give them time get camp set up before starting a conversation.
  • Don't be sloppy and inconsiderate of campground facilities
    • Bath houses, bathrooms, community rooms, playgrounds, may be available at the campground you're in. Don't be nasty and clean up after yourself.
  • Turn your lights and volume down at night
    • Have you ever had that neighbor that constantly makes noise while you're trying to sleep or relax. Cranked up music, bright lights, generators, and being inconsiderate of others, should be avoided. Don't be THAT neighbor
  • Watch your pets
    • Just because you love your dog, doesn't mean others will. Keep your pets in your campsite and clean up after it.
  • Pack out what you brought in
    • If you leave your trash laying around and not cleaning up after yourself, not only can Bears, rodents, birds and other varmints can get into your trash, but you're not doing right by nature. Carry it in...pack it out.
  • Leave it better than you found it
    • If you see that others have thrown cans or bottles in the fire, left trash lying around, or messed up the site, be the bigger person and clean it up.
  • Gain camping karma by leaving leftover firewood
    • Ever showed up at a campsite and didn't have time to get wood, but there was enough leftover for you to get a small fire? Leaving wood you have leftover, could be a saving grace for someone else.

Have a great year of camping.

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