Sweetwater County native Katie Yeager will be one of four girls participating in MTV's hit series 'Teen Mom.'

The third season debuts Monday, August 26th and will continue to air on MTV's prime time Monday slot.

The MTV audience was first introduced to Katie on an episode of '16 and Pregnant.'  The documentary follows 16 year old girls and their struggles with pregnancy at a young age. Four of the '16 and Pregnant' stars are selected for follow-up show 'Teen Mom.'

“People notice me in public, which I’m not really used to yet" Katie said.  "It’s definitely made me more aware of my actions and how I present myself to people.  Being on (Teen Mom) wasn't something I was gunning for necessarily, MTV just called and asked me if I'd like to be a part of it."

The '16 and Pregnant' episode gave a national audience a chance to see Rock Springs and Green River.  Katie has now relocated to Salt Lake City where she works at the Department of Family Services.

"I definitely miss home a lot, I miss the beautiful mountains and my family."  Katie added, "I enjoy it here, it’s been a big adjustment because I grew up in such a small town where you knew everyone and everything about everybody.  Now I don’t know anyone and it’s new, but it’s a big change and it was needed.”

Despite relocating, Katie is happy to be a Wyoming native.  “A lot of people think it’s cool to see how beautiful Wyoming is on TV, I’m definitely proud to be from Wyoming.  I know everybody in Wyoming geeks out whenever we’re mentioned on TV or anywhere because it’s so small."

Although 'Teen Mom' is one of MTV's most watched shows, there are some quick to criticize.  Yeager counters the critics by telling us "I think anybody who watches the show understands and sees how difficult it is and maybe makes them think twice about sex and abstinence and protection.  It’s very educational and serves as a cautionary tale.”

Eight girls have been featured in the first two seasons of 'Teen Mom.'  Katie said being a fan of the show has helped her cope with the struggles of being a young parent.  “I learned something from all of the girls.  They all have good stories to tell, we all make mistakes and bad decisions.  I relate with all of them because we are all going through the same thing.”

As for the show's debut Monday, Katie doesn't have any big plans.  “I’m going to watch it alone at my house.  I’ll probably cry and laugh, I miss the other ‘Teen Mom 3’ girls a lot. I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of phone calls from my family and friends, but I’m just kind of a person that likes to stay private.”  Yaeger said while laughing “I need to start combing my hair before I’m on national television.  When I see myself on TV it’s hard to believe I look like that and talk like that, I see some of the mannerisms that I didn't know I did until I watched myself.”

Finally, the most important part of the story?  Katie catches us up on how daughter Molli is doing... "She’s wonderful, she’s so smart.  She started preschool and she just turned two on Sunday.  She surprises me every day with how smart and peaceful and perfect she is.”

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