In 120 years, Wyoming has surely had its share of rodeo clown stories. This is a story of one guy who didn't clown with the right guy around at a recent Rapid City Rodeo.

A huge former linebacker, now stuntman - who happened to be in makeup - was doing his job at South Dakota Rodeo last week.

An unauthorized man ventured off into the arena during an event. The trespasser was politely escorted out once, but the crazy man tried jumping in the arena again. However, the second time, he got leveled by a hit from the bullfighter so hard that it sent shocked sounds through the crowd. It also made for punchlines the rest of the night.

It's still not known what kind of action the guy was looking for, but he got action from 275-pound rodeo clown Justin "Rumpshaker" Rumford. The hilarious story is all here.