I have been introduced to my new addiction - Ice Fishing!  

Everyone knows that I love to fish!  Stream fishing was my first love and recently I've  been hooked on fishing for walleye on our beautiful Wyoming lakes. Normally with the arrival of winter weather, I head to area public access lands for some hunting but now I'm looking forward to getting out on the ice.

With today's technology fisherman have an ability to see under the surface and use electronics and GPS to pinpoint exactly where they want to be on the lake.  That holds true with ice fishing as well.  Not only can you pinpoint the location, but with sonar and underwater cameras you can see if the fish are in the neighbor hood.  Is this cheating?  Maybe?  But the object is to catch fish right?  You still have to entice the fish to bite the hook.

It can be a bit expensive to get into the sport of ice fishing, so I'd recommend finding a friend or two with gear and experience and get them to take you out a few times.  That way you'll have an idea of what you'll need and more importantly, if you like it or not.

But once the hole is drilled through the ice, sometimes you can peer down seeing all the way to the bottom and if you're lucky you'll see - you've found a good spot.

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