The Cowboy state isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get some dirt under their fingernails.

Recently I saw a study that says 82 percent of Americans believe that the American Dream is about financial security these days. To me, it's always meant that with hard work and the opportunities afforded us in this great nation, you can achieve whatever you want in life. Notice, I said "hard work."

That's something Wyoming knows a thing or two about.

Recently, Wallet Hub took a look at our hard working nation and found those states that are working the hardest. Their 2018's Hardest-Working State in America list examined more than just heart and hustle. Some of the major indicators taken into consideration were average workweek hours, workers who have multiple jobs, and even the number of volunteer hours for each state's residents.

I love that they took into account those who are giving back.

While Alaska ranked at number one on the list followed by North Dakota, Wyoming landed in the top 5 at number 3. We work hard in this state and maybe a little too much. We are also number three in the nation when it comes to "highest average workweek hours."

Sounds like we could also use a well-earned vacation.

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