When I came across an article on BestLifeOnline.com about the most hated state in the United States I had a few guesses about which of the 50 states it was.

And...I was wrong.

My guess was New York or California.

But, it turns out the most hated state is New Jersey, followed closely by Texas.

I was surprised enough that I began to do a little more digging.

I wanted to know how BestLifeOnline.com came up with their data, and I was curious to see where Wyoming fell in this list.

For each state, they looked at three major categories.

  • How many people move from each state yearly.
  • Overall state pride.
  • Data collected from an online poll about what state each state hates

Based on this data, Wyoming was among the least hated states, landing at the bottom (which in this case is a good thing) at number 41.

According to the data collected no other state hates Wyoming and our state pride is at 69%...which honestly I think is a little bit low...I'd give us at least a solid 87% for state pride.

I was a bit shocked that we made the list at all because so many people are convinced that Wyoming doesn't even exist.

If you're wondering, the most loved state is Idaho, which really surprised me.

I mean how often do YOU hear anyone talking about Idaho and what a fabulous place it is?

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