The state of Wyoming has joined an international campaign to show that the consumption of wild game is important.

In today's modern world most people have never tried wild game. That includes people from wild states like Wyoming.

In an article in the Billings Gazette, they show how important hunting an consumption is to both the people and the environment. “Between 2014 and 2016 in the United States, whitetail deer provided more than 642 million pounds — or 1.7 billion 6 ounce servings of meat — the group estimated.”

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They study looks at the costs of raising animals for food and the costs of wild game. But the cost is not just monetary. There is also a positive payoff for the the environment by keeping herds to a sustainable size. This helps prevent disease and starvation, making for a more healthy heard.

They also point out that hunters do not just provide food for their own families. Every year tons of meet are donated to individuals and families who need a good meal.

Wild Harvest Initiative states their goal as: The Wild Harvest Initiative® is the first serious effort to synthesize and evaluate the total economic, conservation and social benefits of recreational wild animal harvests in the US and Canada. Its scientific approach, combined with a strategic knowledge, mobilization, and advocacy plan, will reframe debates about the relevance of wild and natural harvests in modern North America. This is not a project, but a narrative-changing program. It is not a finite intervention, but a relentless innovation. It does not seek to change society but takes energy from society’s culture of change.

For those who do not understand the value of hunting, both for nature and the human community, I suggest exploring their website. 

Governor Gordon's Big Game License Coalition raised nearly $1.1 million for Wyoming wildlife conservation efforts, according to a press release from the governor's office. The funds raised through the sale Wyoming's big game license.

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