The old saying goes that you learn something new everyday. That includes today for me as I learned there is such a thing as a wildlife-friendly fence.

This video was dropped on Facebook by the Wyoming Migration Initiative. The deer seem to be very happy with this fence made especially for their movements. NOTE: they advise turning the video's sound on so you can hear the deer "talking". I'll take their word for that.

They mention that this video was captured by UW student researcher Tanner Warder. Well done, Tanner.

What makes this fence so wildlife-friendly? Wyoming Migration Initiative says it's all in the height and the space between the wires. One of the deer later in the video doesn't end up being in danger when trying to high-jump the fence where normal traditional fencing could potentially cause a problem.

According to the video share, migrating animals face up to 100 different types of barriers. The Migration Initiative website mentions that Wyoming has some of the longest migration routes in America. Modern fences like these help the survival rates of these animals on the move.

If you're interested in these Wyoming wildlife migrations, Travel Wyoming has shared a very helpful guide. Maybe with more forethought into fencing and other wildlife barriers, this long journey will become even more survivable for the nature among us.

Make sure to follow Wyoming Migration Initiative on Facebook for more updates on these new barrier efforts.

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