I was not surprised one bit about a story I found that claims Wyoming is one of the friendliest states in America.

You can thank Big Seven Travel for this one. This is actually a cool thing when you realize how they came up with this list. It's not just some internet person's opinion about who's friendly and who's not. They are a travel site (duh) and they asked their audience (that travels...duh) which states they visited were the friendliest.

With all the numbers crunched from their travelers, Wyoming was named the #5 most friendly state in America. Go us. Here's one snippet they shared about what travelers have experienced in Wyoming:

There’s a real sense of community in even larger cities, where it’s common for a stranger to help you unstick your car from the snow or carry your groceries.

That is completely us. 100% Wyoming in a nutshell.

Thanks to this radio career, my family has traveled the country and there is no location that can compare to the friendly disposition we have experienced from our neighbors in the Cowboy State.

Wyoming ranked higher than any other western state. Go us again. You can check out the entire Big Seven Travel ranking to see how all the other loser states ranked. Wait, that wasn't very friendly, was it?

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