We all know that teachers are under paid for the time and effort that they put into their role in helping our children learn and grow. But putting the low pay and long hours aside, educators in the cowboy state have better working conditions ahead of most every other state in the USA.

Being a teacher requires commitment, both in their own time as well as their own education. In a recent survey about 1 in 5 teachers quit their positions in their first year of teaching and about half won't last 5 years.

Wallethub.com did a study taking into account 16 different key indicators of teacher "friendliness" and according to their findings Wyoming ranks 5th overall.  Biggest factors in our state's favorable ranking are 'Median starting salary', 'pupil to teacher ratio' and 'school safety'.

Here are the top 10 best states for teachers:

1 - New Jersey

2 - Massachusetts

3 - Illinois

4 - Minnesota

5 - Wyoming

6 - Virginia, 7 - New York, 8 - Texas, 9 - Utah and 10 - Connecticut, round out the top ten.

Here are the ten worst states for teachers:

51 - Hawaii

50 - West Virginia

49 - Arizona

48 - Oregon

47 - Mississippi

46 - South Dakota

45 - Maine, 44 - North Carolina, 43 - South Carolina, 42 - Rhode Island and 41 - New Mexico, round out the bottom ten.

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Source: WalletHub