It's always fun to look back at your childhood and remember some of the memories that lurk. For me, food, especially snacks, is a big memory trigger. There were things I had for snacks that would make some people cringe.

  • Vienna Sausages
  • Potted Meat
  • Chicken n Biscuit/ Spray Cheese
  • Cottage Cheese/ Tomato
  • Unbaked Cake Mix
  • Pickle Wrapped in Government Cheese (individually wrapped "cheese" slice)
  • Ravioli straight out of the can
  • Hot Pockets

When I was a kid, most of these items were cheap and things we could afford. The one that stands out as a little pricey for our taste is Hot Pockets. During the summer, I would babysit my two younger sisters, and Hot Pockets were easy to cook, and we could eat on the go. I'm sure many of you were in the same boat. Hot Pockets were a delicacy, and we loved them.

A study released by Coventry Direct shows that I was destined to be a Wyomingite because, according to this study, Hot Pockets are Wyomnig's most popular nostalgic snack.

To determine the most popular nostalgic snack in each state, we compiled a list of 28 snacks that Delish, Eat This, and Buzzfeed deemed nostalgic. Then we analyzed the search volume data of the snacks from 2004 to 2024 using Google Trends.


A New Study Shows The Snack Wyomingites 'Loved' The Most

My favorite was the Ham-n-Cheese Hot Pocket, dipped in BBQ sauce. I know, high-class redneck over here. It is fun to flashback to those times. Even though they may have been tough, the memories are always pleasant. The problem with a memory like this is that now I want to grab a box of Hot Pockets and a bottle of BBQ Sauce.

A few years ago, I went down this same memory lane when comedian Jim Gaffigan had a bit on Hot Pockets.

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Was there anything better than opening your lunch box and seeing Shark Bites packed in next to some Hi-C Ecto Cooler? A simple pleasure kids of today can't experience.

What other snacks came and went from our lives in the 1990s and beyond? Follow us as we look back at some '90s snacks that have since disappeared.

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