Famous Wyoming Illustrator Zachary Pullen and Wyoming based Author Casey Rislov have combined to create a wonderful new Wyoming themed Children's Book "Rowdy Randy".

"Rowdy Randy" tells the story of a cowgirl named Randy. But this isn’t any run-of-the-mill tall tale. This is the original story of how one small horsefly with a big personality can rile up a whole heap of trouble, leading up to a full-blown stampede.

Local bookstore Windy City Books will be hosting Pullen and Rislov this Saturday, March 16th 1-3pm. It's a rare chance to purchase a copy of "Rowdy Randy" for you and your family (and maybe one to donate to your child's school) and have it signed by BOTH the Author and Illustrator.

Casey Rislov via CaseyRislovBooks.com
Casey Rislov via CaseyRislovBooks.com

Rowdy Randy was feeling fine.

“Well, I think I’ve right proved my rumbling rodeo ways.”

But had Randy finally met her match?

Up ahead a herd of shaggy beasts grazed.

She darted toward the head of the herd. It didn’t even flinch.

She boldly looked the dangerous desperado in the eyes and said,

“You gonna do something’ about it?”

The brute answered with a stare-down.

If you want to know what happens between Rowdy Randy and a bad-tempered Buffalo follow this link pick up a copy of your own, or head over to Windy City Books this Saturday.

If you get a chance to take a picture with the author and illustrator make sure you tag our Instagram @mycountry955

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