Do you live in Wyoming or Wyomin'? Geographically the same place, but two completely different states of mind.

Here's a few examples...

  • 1

    How You View The Terrain

    Wyoming: You've thought to yourself, "this landscape is majestic and beautiful."

    Wyomin': You've thought to yourself "this is prime mud boggin' country." 

    Tyler Harnden via YouTube
  • 2

    What Does Your Backyard Look Like?

    Wyoming: Your backyard may have a deck, fire pit, and a shed.

    Wyomin': Your backyard may have a couple vehicles you're working on and a deer stand. 

    Getty Images
  • 3

    How You Dress Yourself

    Wyoming: You pick your outfit based on what the weather is doing and what kind of activity you have planned.

    Wyomin': You can't decide between your Bud Light sleeveless shirt and your Coors Light sleeveless shirt. 

  • 4

    Going Out To Dinner

    Wyoming: Hitting up one of Wyoming's best restaurants, likely a steakhouse.

    Wyomin': Hitting up your buddy's grill after just returning from their latest hunting trip.

    Dylan Rives, Getty Images
  • 5

    Your Love For The State

    Wyoming: You have a great love and appreciation for the state.

    Wyomin': You have a great love and appreciation for the state, and when asked about it you reply loudly "Hell Yeah I'm From Wyomin!'