You always hear people say to 'take care of yourself'. It's important for your well being to eat right, exercise and enjoy life. This obviously is a true statement.

Something more people should start saying is 'take care of your coffee maker, it's an important part to your day'.

This is something that I learned the hard way, while I was away.

After a busy, event filled, exciting 2022, I took a little break at the end of December. Visiting family for the holiday's and just taking it easy.

While I was away, we had the horribly low temperatures and weather issues in Wyoming. Even though it was below zero where I was, the temperatures weren't as bad as they were here.

During those few days when the temps were that low, there was a power outage at my house here in Casper. Actually, there was more than one and these outages caused the death of a very loyal and close companion of coffee maker.

Drew coffee maker

I'm assuming that when the power came back on, it was too much for the beloved coffee maker and fried the circuits.

Wyoming Weather, YOU are to blame for the loss of my pal. The first thing I interacted with every morning and the last when I set up the next mornings brew.

The first couple days after I returned to Casper, were really tough. No coffee and the annoyance of having to try and replace my dear friend, was a hard pill to swallow.

The thing about this particular coffee maker is that we've come to know each other really well. Always knew how I like my coffee on the stronger side, had it ready for me when I rolled out of bed each day and on the weekends I just had to give it a quick shoutout and the coffee was brewing.

My Hamilton Beach buddy and I had been pals for years and had big plans for 2023. To try a few different brands of coffee and work on strength building, who knows what we would have accomplished, but thanks to the wild Wyoming winter, we'll never find out.

One thing I did realize, after running to Walmart to try and replace my friend, is that it's not easy. None of them were good enough and weren't in the same brewing class that mine was.

Once I settled on one, I knew it wasn't going to work out and I immediately got online and ordered the same one from Amazon. I know it won't be the same, but it will be closer than the coffee brewing 'poser' I have now.

I got thinking how it was my fault my coffee maker has brewed it's last cup. What could I have done to make it's life longer and better? I did some research on ways to make my new coffee makers life last longer and be more comfortable than my last one. 

Eat this, not that was my source for being a better coffee maker owner. Trust me, I'll do better this time.

  1. Clean out the coffee pot daily.
  2. Descale your coffee maker once every couple months
  3. Use fresh, clean water
  4. Don't buy too much coffee at one time. Only buy what you can use within a couple weeks for better coffee.
  5. If you grind your own beans, don't grind it too far in advance
  6. Make sure to use the proper amount of coffee. Too little is skimping on your coffee experience
  7. Brewing at the perfect temperature will ensure your coffee is giving off the best flavors
  8. Use the proper sized filter for your coffee maker
  9. If you're not happy with your coffee grounds to water ratio, change it up. Find the formula that works best for you.
  10. Buy the right machine for you.
  11. Avoid a single cup brewing coffee maker.

Hopefully in the next couple days my new buddy will arrive...assuming of course the Wyoming Weather doesn't delay the delivery.

Remember to love your coffee maker as it works hard for you on a daily basis and you never know when it's time will be up.

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