Here's a whopper of a story for you. A woman is claiming she encountered a "dog-man" in Wyoming. It's a frightening tale that will make you wonder if our state really has werewolves prowling the hills.

She shared her story with Mattsquatch on YouTube. That may be my favorite username on YouTube. She said she was 12 years old traveling with her parents in southwest Wyoming. Something ran in front of their car. She said that her family didn't really know anything about Bigfoot when this happened, so they weren't sure what to think. It didn't look like a Bigfoot, but looked more like a tall dog.

The lady said that whatever it was missed their car by only 20 feet and appeared to be chasing something else and didn't really notice them. She had never heard of a "dog-man", but that's exactly what this creature looked like. In her words, it might have been a young Bigfoot, but had a large snout. She said the closest thing she can describe it would be the monster in the movie American Werewolf in London.

One of the comments on YouTube included someone else that thinks they saw this beast eating a deer carcass next to a roadside in Wyoming.

Do you think these people really saw something supernatural? The skeptic in me wonders if they just saw a wolf or young bear since we have plenty of those in Wyoming. At night, it's hard to tell exactly what you're seeing. But, there are many who believe this really was some kind of "dog-man". What say you?

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