As the weather gets colder, it's natural for us to start turning to the foods that make us happy. Wyoming's favorite comfort food won't surprise you even a little bit.

I found this little gem of comfort food information at Wallet Hub. They did a study on the fattest states in the US. HINT: it ain't us. Wyoming comes in right in the middle at #26 as far as fat states go.

Near the bottom of their study, they document each state's favorite comfort foods. For Wyoming, it's buffalo jerky because of course it is.

Compared to other snack/food options, buffalo jerky is good for you. The Eat This Much website backs this up showing that buffalo jerky is lower in fat, cholesterol and carbs than most comfort foods by a long shot.

Maybe the fact that we hike a lot in Wyoming and take buffalo jerky along for a snack is why we're not at the top of fattest states list.

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