Here comes tourist season in Wyoming. Businesses need help! But they are having trouble filling all needed positions, according to Cowboy State Daily.

The state needs restaurant, coffee, and other treat shop employees. Hotel workers in all positions are in need. In other words, if it has to do with hospitality, the "help wanted" signs are out.

A big part of the problem is in northwestern Wyoming. People would love to work there but they can't afford to live there while they work. A typical Jackson Wyoming apartment can be $2000 a month. That can only be manageable if workers can agree to pile into one place and share.

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“What continues to be a huge, huge issue in Teton County is housing,” said Colleen Dubbe, manager of the state Workforce Centers in Jackson and Afton. “Whether it’s foreign workers or college students or young adults or even older workers, it’s across the board. Not only is it incredibly expensive, there’s none available and there’s none available in the region.” (Cowboy State Daily).

Then there is the problem with the extension of unemployment benefits due to COVID. That incentives some people just to stay home and collect rather than work for the money.

“Certainly the extension was warranted when businesses were closed last year and people were out of work. But the extension of unemployment benefits through September is incentivizing some workers to simply stay home and not worry about going back to work.” said Chris Brown, executive director of the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association.

Yes, businesses are worried. This tourist season is projected to be a big one, after 2020 where few people got a vacation.

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