We are a week into the Coronovirus caused Quarantine.

While many are enjoying the opportunity to spend time with family and get caught up on their favorite Netflix shows, it's safe to say we may be beginning to get a little stir crazy.

Sheridan Wyoming native Ian Munsick is one of our favorite country singers (are we allowed to have favorites?) and he's doing his part to help make all of this a bit easier.

Through his social media accounts, he announced that he would be putting up guitar tutorials on his YouTube channel for three of his most popular songs.

This right here is what we all need to get through the next few months.

A bit of humor, a whole lot of heart, and good country music.

Below is the tutorial for one of my favorite songs from Ian, "Weakness" originally by Wade Montgomery.

"Three chords and the truth."

Amen, Ian, amen...

And hey, BTW, we are totally digging those purple crocs ;)

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