Ian Munsick is a Wyoming boy through and through.

He is almost always wearing his signature "King Ropes" hat and his lyrics often refer to his life growing up on a ranch in rural Wyoming.

And of course, his music holds traces of a unique Western sound that is instantly recognizable to his fans.

We recently came across this fabulous 2D animated video to one of Ian's recently released songs "Humble" from his newest album Coyote Cry.

Both the song lyrics and pictures in the video refer to Wyoming legend Chris LeDoux.

"He's a Chris LeDoux kind of guy, work all day, love all night Find a girl, hold her tight, raise some kids and raise 'em right"

Seriously though, how amazing is the combo of this toe-tapping song and these vibrant and fun illustrations?

On Ian's YouTube Channel he said "Cowboys have always been the people I’ve looked up to most and aspired to be like. I don’t mean the cattle rustling, heart thieving, Hollywood kind. I mean the first one to work, give the shirt off his back, Chris Ledoux kind. The kind you want as your neighbor. The kind I think of when I hear the word Cowboy. Humble. Thanks for running with The Heard"

If this is what we are seeing from Ian now, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us as 2021 goes on.

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