Wyoming's unofficial ice cream capital is in a place only 313 people live.

Farson, Wyoming.

Farson for many is just a stop between Rock Springs and Lander. In fact, it's pretty much the only place to stop for a few hundred miles with indoor plumbing.

The small community has capitalized on it's remote location for decades with what is widely considered Wyoming's best ice cream. The Farson Mercantile proudly boasts being the "home of the big cone."

You can enjoy your big cone with one, or multiple choices of their twenty different flavors of ice cream or sherbet.

The Mercantile also makes pizzas and sub sandwiches, but frankly you look a bit amateur if you don't opt for a big cone.

Not only do Wyoming folks love the ice cream here, out-of-staters are usually pleasantly surprised. One testimonial from their website says...

“We are from Texas and went through Wyoming thought we would stop for a small ice cream cone, but needless we were surprised the ice cream was delicious and the service great. All we have to say is Everything is bigger in Texas, but Wyoming has us beat on ice cream cones.”

A couple friendly warnings if you do opt for a big cone...

Share with your friends and bring some napkins... 

Courtesy: Farson Mercantile

PS - It's about as big as a baby

Courtesy: Farson Mercantile