There is a national movement to implement term limits for elected officials.  The USTL a leader in the movement, have praised Wyoming's candidate for the House of Representatives Jason Senteney for signing a pledge to limit congressional term limits.

Last fall 14 members of Congress signed the pledge including 5 newly elected senators.

Jason Senteney, a resident of Yoder, Wyoming is running for the vacant Wyoming seat in the House of Representatives.  Senteney was recently applauded by the USTL for his courage to stand up to the Washington elite and make term limits a priority, should he be elected to the office this fall.

The pledge signed by those supporting term limits simply states that they pledge to support and vote for a U.S. Term Limits Amendment should one be introduced.  The pledge goes further to actually state the maximum terms for each branch of congress and limit elected official to 3 terms in the House of Representatives and 2 terms in the Senate.

According to a nationwide Gallup poll 75% of Americans support congressional term limits.  For a term limits amendment bill to pass and become a part of the U.S. Constitution, it would require a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives and Senate as well as be ratified by 38 states.