The United States of Comic Book Characters recently ranked the most popular comic book characters from in each state. Their pick for Wyoming's most iconic character was Archibald Morton, the second Chemistro and nemesis of Power Man.

Morton first appeared in the 37th issue of the popular Power Man series. Born in Sheridan, Wyoming, "Arch" Morton was sent to prison where he learned the power of the Alchemy Gun from from his cellmate, original Chemistro Curtis Carr.

After leaving prison, Morton tried to recreate the Alchemy Gun. When the weapon exploded in his hands, Morton gained superhuman powers.

Morton used his new found power to take on Power Man, aka Luke Cage. Cage enlisted the help of an unlikely ally, former Chemistro Carr. Together, they overpowered Morton, who was sent back to prison.

Morton isn't the only comic book character from the Cowboy State. The Wyoming Kid, aka Bill Polk, has appeared in 99 DC Comics issues since his introduction nearly 70 years ago.

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