Did you know Wyoming has its own comic book hero? He did not have laser vision or could fly. All he needed was his wit, brawn, and twin colt revolvers. Bill Polk or the Wyoming Kid roamed the pages of Western Comics from DC Comics. The Wyoming Kid was in every issue of Western Comics. He also shared pages with Superman, Batman, and Robin in World Famous Comics.


The story goes Bill Poke’s father Henry was murdered, according to Toonpedia. Henry was a sheep herder in a day when the cattlemen were at odds with the shepherds. The conflicts often resulted in violence and death as did Henry. The Wyoming Kid was born to seek justice in his father’s death. It took some time for the Kid to wrangle up the mastermind, Claggett. When The Wyoming Kid did find Claggett in World’s Finest #42, Then Bill Poke dedicated himself to right all the vile things Claggett did.

There is a little known Easter egg in Gotham Episode 19 “Beasts of Prey.” The story mentions Polk Gun Ranges which is a nod to Bill Polk, the Wyoming Kid. It is doubtful that Wyoming Kid will make the cut for Gotham, but a small acknowledgement to the western genre of DC Comics.

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