If you can correctly pronounce the word "Meeteetse", congratulations, you're from Wyoming. Here's our list of the ten weirdest town names here in the Cowboy State.

1. Chugwater - Originally named by the Mandan tribe, the term was inspired by buffalo who would quench their thirst in the nearby Chugwater Creek.

In 1870, a party passing through the area coined the phrase "The Valley of the Chug" for the sandstone bluffs that shielded cattle from bitter winter winds. An artist in the expedition, Sanford Gifford, sketched a mural of the area titled "Valley of the Chugwater".

2. Bar Nunn - Named for the town's founder, Ronnie Nunn, it was built in the 1950s on the runways of Casper's original airport, Wardwell Field.

3. Wamsutter - Originally named in honor of the legendary Shoshone Chief Washakie, it was changed in 1884 to avoid confusion with the nearby Fort Washakie. The town's new namesake was a Union Pacific Railroad engineer.

4. Meeteetse - Derived from the Shoshone term for "meeting place". Last year, a study ranked it as the toughest city name to spell in the entire country.

5. Ten Sleep - Another Shoshone term, named for the 10 day journey for tribes travelling to this rest stop in between Yellowstone and Fort Laramie.

6. Manville - Named for cattle rancher H.S. Manville, nearly 55 percent of Manville's 95 residents are men.

7. Thermopolis - Translated from Greek, Thermopolis means "hot city", an appropriate name inspired by the town's many hot springs.

8. Medicine Bow - The term "medicine bow" originates from pow-wows where several Native American tribes would gather every spring. The area was known for its wood, which tribal leaders believe had many medicinal uses.

9. Frannie - The self proclaimed "biggest little town in Wyoming" was named for the daughter of the town's first postmaster.

10. Diamondville - Built to accommodate the influx of miners in the 1890s, the town was named for its superior coal reserves. According to local prospectors, the coal in the area was so good, it looked like "black diamonds".