The US doesn't have many laws when it comes to naming your child, but there are some states with a few. Wyoming's only real rule when naming your kid is that the official record cannot look like a foreign character. As an example, you cannot have an asterisks, @ or apostrophe legally in a name, other than that it's pretty a pretty open game.

After talking to a few different parents, they mostly agree that finding the right name for their child is one of the most painstaking tasks of being a parent. Think of the problems that goes along with naming. You want them to be unique, but not too unique. You want them to be impactful, but not too impactful. Will the kid like their name or will they want to change it? Does the name have a good meaning or and bad underlying meaning? Naming your baby is stressful and parents around the US agree. An internet pole on reveals that 74% of those polled said the parents have equal say in naming the child. 21% say the MOM has the final say and 4% say the father has the right to name the child.

While talking with co-workers about baby names, no one agreed 100% on how to name your baby. Tough names, trying to predict whether or not they will be bad names in the future (Karen), all factored into the decision making. Some of the families relied on the bible and some on passing down family names.

In Wyoming some make it a little easier by naming their little one after a Wyoming town/city name. For instance, Jackson, Cheyenne, Mills, Laramie, Cody, Byron, Dayton, Douglas, Hanna and Kaycee are just a few.

Every year there are many different national "baby name" lists released, have you ever wondered how Wyoming stacks up on the national level?

According to County 10, the 2020 top 5 girl baby names in Wyoming were Amelia, Olivia, Harper, Paisley and Ella. For boys, Liam, Oliver, Wyatt, Logan and Jackson.

Nationally, says the top 5 girls names were... Sophia, Olivia, Riley, Emma and Ava. The top 5 boys....Liam, Noah, Jackson, Aiden and Elijah.

You can see Wyoming is on par with many of the the names. Just because the names aren't in the top 5, doesn't mean that Wyoming isn't on the same track as the other states. According to the Social Security Administration, many of the top baby Wyoming baby names are the same as those on the national list.

One thing is for sure, no one will ever be happy with what you name your child...does it really matter, though? YOU are the parent and YOU decide.

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