Wyoming is well know for wind and windmills have been spinning since the 1800's. Windmills have been used to generate power, pumping water, grinding grain and even to cut wood at sawmills.

Today you will drive by miles upon miles of wind farms that are producing electricity all around the country, but in the 1800's you would only see one or two per ranch farm/ homestead.

Since 1999, the Cowboy State has been using wind farms to produce large amounts of energy. As a matter of fact, Wyoming is #13 on the list of states producing wind energy.

The first Wyoming windmills were made of wood, but in the late 1880's windmill makers began using metal that would allow the windmills to be stronger and last longer.

When windmills became accessible to ranchers, they were used to pump water from underground wells for livestock, homes and for agricultural purposes. In the 1920's windmills were used to generate electricity to give home power enough to light a couple lights.

If you've taken to the roads around Wyoming at all, you've seen some of the old time windmills still spinning and working, just like they were in the early late 1800's and early 1900's.

Christy the Scuba Diver and Tourista is a world traveler and scuba diver traveled through Wyoming and posted video of a working old school looking windmill. Just seeing the windmill in action and seeing it as part of the Wyoming landscape makes you feel like you're back in the wild west.

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