David Lee Anderson Jr. was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. All through his childhood he believed that he was destined for the big city, and as soon as he was able, he traveled to as many places as he could. Anderson soon realized that in the end, he was “a country boy at heart after all” and returned home to Casper where he thrived as a hair stylist.

He opened Rootz Salon 10 years ago and his plan from the start was to find a way to use his business to give back to his local community. His monthly Transformation Tuesdays are his way of using his special talents to enrich the lives of others. The last Tuesday of every month two special people from the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission are picked to receive a day of pampering courtesy of the staff at Rootz Salon.

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The Transformation Tuesday clients are specially chosen because of their work ethic, strong desire to change their lives for the better, and as encouragement for men and women that are nearing the end of their time participating in the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission’s education program. They are men and women that have faced some heart wrenching challenges yet in the end, have found the strength to rise above their circumstances to create a better life for themselves and their families.

The Transformation Tuesday process varies for each client but above all, the staff at Rootz want their clients to feel pampered, valued and invigorated. The stylists donate their time and first have private consultations with the clients. They discuss the clients’ needs and wants. From a trim and subtle highlights, to a bold cut and bright new color, the final looks are created to bring out the best in these amazing people.

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Their final looks are an outward reminder of the changes that these clients have been working so hard to make in their lives. It’s an empowering thing to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see. A fresh haircut and color, a bit of makeup (or a close shave or trim for the men), and a new professional outfit thanks to Kim from Kim’s Closet, leaves these clients feeling ready to take that hard-won next step towards the life they desire.

“Every time we have Transformation Tuesday I am reminded again the huge impact a seemingly small act of kindness can have on another person.” Anderson pauses for a moment and then nods his head. “To see my stylists gladly participate in this project every month has shown me that I truly have the right kind of people on my team.”

Transformaiton Tue 2

When Anderson reflected on past Transformation Tuesdays, he couldn’t help but recall the poignant moment when a past Transformation client stopped by more than a year after her salon experience. Through fundraising Rootz was able to purchase a set of dentures for her, besides offering their regular makeover services. She came in to express how grateful she was and emphasized how valued and pampered she had felt during her day at Rootz.

Anderson hopes to continue this pattern by developing Transformation Tuesday into more than just one day of pampering. Through fundraising and support from the community he’d like to send his clients home with products and a gift card to return for more pampering in the future.

“It would be wonderful if they could come back in before a big job interview and leave with enthusiasm and confidence, ready to achieve their dreams, and knowing how valued they are by the Casper community.”

You can see more pictures of Transformation Tuesday clients on the Rootz Facebook page. If you’d like to learn how you can help with this program you can contact David Lee Anderson Jr at (307)472-7668 or the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission at (307)265-2251.

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