2023 was another big year for tourism in Wyoming. According to the numbers released by the National Park Service, both National Parks in Wyoming saw higher numbers than in 2022, and Grand Teton had significant growth.

The newest numbers are out from the National Park Service, and here are the most visited parks in 2023:

1. Great Smoky Mountains: 13,297,647
2. Grand Canyon: 4,733,705
3. Zion: 4,623,705
4. Yellowstone: 4,501,382 ⬆️
5. Rocky Mountain: 4,115,837 ⬇️
6. Yosemite: 3,897,070
7. Acadia: 3,879,890 ⬇️
8. Grand Teton: 3,417,106 ⬆️
9. Joshua Tree: 3,270,404 ⬇️
10. Olympic: 2,947,503 ⬆️

Arrows mean the park went up or down in ranking compared to the previous year. The most notable changes from 2022 are that Olympic and Grand Teton both jumped up into the top 10, displacing Cuyahoga and Glacier National Parks. Olympic saw an additional 500,000 visitors in 2023 compared to 2022, and Grand Teton saw about 611,000 more visitors.


Wyoming has other "National" attractions other than Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Here are five more national treasures that can be found in Wyoming.

  • Devil's Tower
  • Fossil Butte
  • Flaming Gorge
  • Bighorn Canyon
  • Fort Laramie

The potential for growth in the numbers will undoubtedly happen in 2024, not just in the National Parks but all around the state. The state's Office of Tourism has shifted into overdrive, and tourism organizations in CasperCheyenne, Gillette, Cody, Jackson, Sheridan, Green River, Laramie, Evanston, Douglas, Lander, and Pinedale have all made considerable strides in peaking the interests of travelers from all over the country.

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