If you've ever dreamed of driving a hot dog vehicle across the country, you're about to have a very good day.

Oscar Mayer announced on Instagram that they're hiring drivers for their Wienermobile. The job begins in June with the following requirements based on the online application.

  • BA or BS in marketing, journalism, communications or advertising recommended but not required
  • Experience in a self-managed position
  • Bi-lingual applicants encouraged to apply
  • Be ready for 100% travel

Not being embarrassed to drive a hot dog through traffic would also be a good thing.

If driving the Oscar Mayer hot dog vehicle sounds like fun to you, better get your application in. The deadline is January 31, 2019.

If you do get the gig, could you tell them this thing needs to visit Wyoming. It's been spotted in Idaho and South Dakota recently. Based on how I-25 is right now, guessing they're waiting until the Spring thaw begins. You can follow the Wienermobile's journey on Instagram.

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