It's spring break. Here in Wyoming we still have snow on the ground and are expecting more. You would think people would want to go somewhere warm. looked at where people are planning to go in State by State: The Hottest Spring Break Destinations. In 2017, Havana is a top pick for places like Texas and Florida. Thousands flock to the beaches in Maui during spring break. However, neither of those places is the top destination for Wyomingites.

Glasgow, Scotland is the top destination according to KAYAK. In a lot of ways, it is quite different than the Cowboy State. Glasgow is what you would expect from a historically-rich thriving metropolitan city. They have a thriving art, theater, and music scene. They were home to the 2014 Commonwealth Games (also known as the Britsh Empire Games which are similar to the Olympics but just for Britan.) Several European pro football teams call Glasgow home. As far as size, they have about the same population in the city of Glasgow as the entire state of Wyoming.

Living in Wyoming, sometimes it is nice to visit a big city. Indulge in the culture and unique things and promptly return home to nice, quiet Wyoming.


Photo Gallery of Glasgow


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