One of the great things about living in Casper is all the water around us.

The North Platte, Alcova, and even Edness Kimball State Park offer great opportunities for locals to participate in every kind of water sport imaginable.

Jet skiing, boating, water skiing, paddle boarding, tubing down the river and kayaking are just a few of our favorites.

When I came across a Facebook post about a Wyoming Bureau of Land Management Employee that gave a kayak ride to a Badger (yup that's right a Badger) I couldn't believe it.

Kat McConnell (a BLM Employee) was on Fontenelle Reservoir when she saw a Badger in the water. According to her, "It was way out in the middle of the lake panting and struggling to make it across."

Photo via Facebook Wyoming Bureau of Land Management
Photo via Facebook Wyoming Bureau of Land Management

When the Badger came up to her boat she "plucked it out of the water."

McConnell says that the Badger was never aggressive or threatening because it was so tired from its lengthy swim. She did say it was a bit panicked at first but soon settled down and enjoyed the free ride.

When McConnell arrived at the shore the Badger tumbled out of the kayak and moved wandered away of its own accord (though she stated it was a bit wobbly).

McConnell did mention that she power peddled to the shore. I'm sure the fact that she had a BADGER in her kayak had something to do with that.

I have to be honest, I don't think I would be brave enough to try and save a Badger in this situation. After all, I don't even let my dog in the kayak with me!

I'm pretty sure if I had done this, I would have ended up in the water, freezing cold and alone, while the Badger happily rode in the Kayak downstream.

Thankfully, this particular story had a happy ending, but giving a Badger a ride in your Kayak is NOT something I recommend you try.

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