The joke in Wyoming is that summer only lasts a couple months before fall gets here. It seems the Casper swimming pools follow that rule to a 'T'.

I started to get a little misty eyed when I realized it was already time for the Casper public pools to close, meaning summer was coming to a close. After the next couple weeks, the pools will be closed until the beginning of next summer.

Here are the current closing dates for Casper City Pools

  • Marion Kreiner Park Pool closes August 13
  • Mike Sedar Aqua Park closes September 4th
  • Paradise Valley Pool closes August 21
  • Washington Park Pool closes August 13

When you think of the reasons why, the last reason you'd ever think's August and we're all wearing winter clothes already.

Looking at the trusty (yes, that's sarcastic) weather forecast, it does show things cooling off for the next few weeks, but maybe not cooling off enough to not swim.

When I got curious of why the pools were actually closing, I made a quick call to the City of Casper Recreation Division and got the answer I figured was the true reason.


With schools all over the area beginning fall sports practices, many of the lifeguards that have been looking out for the swimmers will be a bit busy. Football, volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, tennis, swimming and golf all have either already begun or will begin in the next few days.

Even though school doesn't officially begin in Casper until after Labor Day, the athletes and students with activities are already hard at work.

Now if you're still looking to swim some laps or have a swimming party for a birthday or get together, the Casper Aquatic Center is open year round.

Hopefully you'll take the kids out and enjoy what Casper pools have to offer, because before you know it, they'll all be closed.

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