Summer vacations are in motion and the destination for many will be the great state of Wyoming. If the numbers from 2021 show us anything, they show that people are ready to get on the road and experience beauty.

According to the Wyoming Office of Tourism, Wyoming experienced major growth in the tourism and hospitality industry last year, with $4 BILLION in direct spending from visitors. 8.1 MILLION people spent at least one night, generating $243 MILLION in local and state tax revenues. Those numbers are incredible and a huge increase from 2020.

If you've looked at buying an airline ticket lately, you probably almost passed out from all the numbers that were included in the price. For many folks, driving will be the way to travel on vacation this year...and that's not going to be cheap either.

When you decide your destination is going to be Wyoming, the next step in your planning process should be figuring out what you're going to need to pack. This step may be the most difficult, because of the way things change here. If you're coming to Wyoming, you need to make sure you're prepared for just about anything.

If you're going to the beach, you know to bring a bathing suit, shorts, sunscreen, a towel and flip flops. In Wyoming, you can bring those items, but that's just a starting point. You're going to need much more than those items to enjoy your trip to the unpredictable state of Wyoming. There's a good chance that you're going to experience all four seasons in one day and other scenario's that you need to be prepared for.

No matter where you visit in Wyoming, being prepared is a MUST.

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