While many of us have found ourselves feeling stuck and in a slump due to the stress and chaos of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it seems that our Wyoming Country Music Artists have taken this time to be more creative and productive than ever before.

4 of our favorite local Wyoming artists have released new music videos in the last month, here's a look at all of them.

Chancey Williams and The Younger Brothers Band signed with the William Morris Agency in Nashville almost exactly a year ago, and while COVID has reduced their ability to tour they are still out there making great music.

Maybe you heard their new album "Third Street" or saw them last week in Texas at the NFR. If you loved what you heard you'll love this vintage style video featuring him and Brooke Latka singing "Meet Me in Montana".

Ian Munsick has had an amazing 2020. From the birth of his son to Dolly Parton complimenting his voice, and signing with Warner Music Nashville could it get any better?

Well, it turns out Ian decided to take 2020 even further by getting married. They took their wedding video and turned it into a music video so amazing that it was a Rolling Stone Country Music pick of the week last week.

Ian's older brother Tris Munsick is another one of our favorite Wyoming country music artists. When he met with us a few weeks ago he told us that his new video "Palomino" was going to be released soon.

This beautiful video tells the story of a little girls' love for her horse and features Tris' adorable niece.

Last but not least we have Casper's own Patrick W. Stafford with the release of his new song "Love and Do It Again".

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