In Wyoming we tend to be pretty proud people.

We love our state, and we embrace AND value the Cowboy culture that still thrives here.

I'm fond of saying "Wyoming is what America was, and that's not a bad thing."

In a recent article published by People Magazine (yes THAT People Magazine) Wyoming's own Ian Munsick let his love for the state shine through.

I felt like our part of the country was extremely unrepresented in country music...They love country music because it's what they do. They work on ranches all day and they do everything that is quote, unquote, country. So that's what I feel called and obligated to do … bring the west to the rest.

In his most recent album "Coyote Cry" Munsick's devotion to Wyoming can be found in several songs.

He references legendary Wyoming country singer Chris Ledoux in his song "Humble" and multiple songs mention Wyoming landscapes and Mountain Time and Long Haul.

Munsick goes on to talk about his struggles with a speech impediment (you can also find more about that in this article as well) and his refusal to let it keep him from doing what he loves, as well as his hope that being open about it will allow others to find the grit to push through their own challenges.

The most challenging aspect of my life and being an entertainer is having a speech impediment...All I think about is that kid out there that can't talk very well or that kid that's dealing with some other sort of impediment...Hopefully, I will be able to inspire them to do what they want to do, no matter what. They won't let any bump in the road slow them down.

We couldn't be more thrilled to cheer Ian on as he works to share the music and values of Wyoming with the rest of the nation.

Here's an interview (and some live music) from one of our past interviews with Ian.

We hope to have some time to meet with him again in early April of 2021 when he's in town to perform at the Beacon.

Until then you can find us listening to his new album "Coyote Cry" and stomping our feet and singing along ;)

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