If you read the headline, then thought, I'd rather not know, then why did you click to read this story? Face it, you are worried that your house is haunted and you want to know.

1) NOISES. Know the funny noises your house makes so you can tell if it is one of those sound or -- something else.

2). LIGHTS ACTING STRANGLY. This is either a spook trying to get your attention or you need to call an electrician before your house burns down. Let's call this important no matter which one it is.

3). ITEMS DISAPPEARING AND REAPPEARING. This happens because, you are forgetful and keep putting things down then not remembering what you did with it --- or.. someone or something is messing with you.

4). FEELING LIKE YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. If you have a cat, you are being watched. For that matter a mouse in the house can make you feel that way. But if you can connect that feeling to that sound your house does not ever make, you might have a problem.

5). GHOSTLY APPARITIONS. Lets face it, the spooks never open with this one. The last thing they do is let them see you. Anyway, if you see one of these, put the house up for sale, forget to mention this detail in the add.

Those were the top 5 reason. In the bonus video below the ghost hunters, who take this far more seriously I do, list the top 10 clues you need to know before it's too late.

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