No Wyomingite could possibly have Kosmikophobia, right? That's really a thing meaning “fear of cosmic phenomenon.” We have myths or superstitions about solar eclipses, so what's five more of them.

We already know that on August 21, 2017, many places for optimal viewing in western states are on a line drawn right through Casper, Wyoming.
What if there are some things we did not know actually can be affected by an eclipse?

Have you heard of any on this list of 5 coincidences? We don’t know if they are true, but we don’t know they're not true. So what if...?

1. Beautiful flowers, like at Casper's Crimson Dawn Park, will actually shrink - as will other things.

2. Casper meth labs will increase production even more. Tweakers shall run the streets, be warned.

3. Sex drive decreases 75 - 100 percent. Or was that increases 75 - 100 percent? It does something. So I would take at least a picnic blanket if you are viewing it.  (Yee haw, in nine months: "Eclipse Babies!")

4. On a non-eclipse-day, the sun's UVs are 25 percent more intense at Casper’s altitude. August 21 that will be 100 percent less intense. We call that the lunar sunblock. Pretty effective for like a minute or two.

5. People we already know to be psycho will be sane. Cat people will become dog people. And dog people will become just plain old people.