Former Wyoming Cowboy turned NBA star, Larry Nance Jr. was involved in a massive trade yesterday between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Nance was sent from LA to Cleveland. The Cavaliers sent Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to LA in exchange for Nance and Jordan Clarkson just before the NBA's trade deadline.

Larry is an Akron, Ohio native and grew up as a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. His father, Larry Nance Sr. played for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1988-1993.

Check out some of the reasons we think this is a great move for Larry.



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    It's His Team

    While Larry will tell you playing for any NBA team is a dream come true, playing for your favorite childhood team seems like plenty of extra motivation.

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    Cleveland Is More Stable Than LA

    The Cavaliers may have their share of drama this season, but since LeBron returned, the organization knows what it takes to win. The Lakers may be rebuilding for a while.

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    He Can Learn From The Greats

    Nance played with Kobe Bryant for one season. While I'm sure Larry learned a lot from Bryan, he's notorious for keeping to himself. LeBron James and fellow power forward Kevin Love will be great mentors for Larry.

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    Cleveland Needs Help Defensively

    Part of the frustration for Cleveland fans this season is their lack of effort on defense. Nance will provide that immediately. Nance is averaging nearly seven rebounds per game and a couple of blocks.

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    The Trade Will Re-Engage LeBron James

    Yes, basketball is a team sport. But, let's face it, Cleveland lives and dies by how LeBron James plays. James was frustrated with his old roster and had a hand in picking the new players acquired. The Cavaliers will be a re-focused playoff team that could help Larry get a championship ring.