In case you haven't heard, Casper is supposed to get a lot of snow this week. With that in mind, here are my 5 predictions of how the city will respond.

The latest National Weather Service forecast predicts anywhere from 1 to 12 inches of snow for our area. It could be the biggest winter storm of 2019. We're talking Snowmageddon here. Just look at this forecast.

In case you're new to Wyoming, we respond to adverse winter weather differently here. Way different. Here are 5 things I predict will happen in Casper as a response to this storm.

5. Your neighbor will host a BBQ

Your invitation has likely already been sent. Check your mail.

4. Someone will attempt to snowboard in cowboy boots

3. One of your kids will attempt to make a snow angel wearing just basketball shorts

2. School will not be cancelled

15 inches of snow? Not a problem for our local schools. If you read the inclement weather protocol for Natrona County Schools, you'll notice that only the city being completely shut down will cancel school more or less. If you call, you'll likely be told a story that begins..."When we were younger, we hiked 2 miles to school through 3 feet of lava and we liked it."

1. Everyone in Casper will simultaneously forget how to drive

This is a given. All prior driving skills will be immediately forgotten as soon as the snow begins. NOTE: this may happen when it's not snowing, too.

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