At a Wyoming Thanksgiving dinner or get together, there are ways to steer conversation if family spats pop up. Whether it’s that, or post election politics, where ever you don’t want it going, try using any of the following lines:

1. “You think The Pokes can win out?” … If there are fans in the room, The Pokes work every time.

2. “The landscape sure looks better without Gray/Cotherman signs, and all the other political yards.” … Any positive feelings about the election being over can be good, as long you stay neutral.

3. “Anyhoo.” … Not really a 3 syllable word, but in most households, it’s understood as, “Let’s change the subject,” especially when said in sweet Wyoming singsong.

4. “Seen any ‘Longmire’ episodes lately?” … If asking someone you already know to be a big fan of Walt, you may get, “Oh yeah, my favorite one is …”

5. It works on even the most contentious to find something that you can genuinely compliment. Something as simple as, “I love those shoes,” can throw them off. My work is done here.

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