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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Not So Silent Movie
#2 - America Guns On Dunkin'
#3 - A Bad Taste In His Mouth

Not So Silent Movie

A Canadian man got fed up with people using their cell phones during a movie screening, so he decided to do something about it - by whipping out his own cell to call 911.

Alex Billington, who writes about movies for a Canadian blog, was at the Toronto International Film Festival last week when he got annoyed at the amount of phone use. He complained to theater management first, but when that didn't produce the results he wanted, he dialed the emergency number, hoping to see some action.

Billington's complaint drew laughter from the dispatcher, rather than an appearance from the SWAT team, but he remains undaunted. He says "I'm just trying to fight the good fight, even if others don't agree with my methods." Source: KPTV


America Guns On Dunkin'

A Florida man called cops to his trailer saying his roommate was threatening him with a machine gun -- but when officers arrived, they found no weapons, just a drunk guy mocking them about their donut consumption.

Matthew Murphy dialed 911 while in the middle of a bender and said that he felt his life was in danger, then admitted that he wasn't sure about the existence of a gun. He told the responders, "Well, I got you here, didn't I? Did I interrupt you and your donuts?"

Murphy then used racial slurs and tried to attack a female deputy, which landed him in a cell at the county jail, where he promptly urinated on the floor, racking up more charges. Source: Orlando Sentinel


A Bad Taste In His Mouth

A Florida man tried to take a bite out of his own crime after he was charged with using forged credit cards at a shopping mall - by eating the store receipt!

Fidel Martinez Ojea couldn't stomach the idea of going to jail for racking up several hundred dollars in purchases made with the bogus cards, so he popped the receipt into his mouth when approached by cops. He had to be wrestled to the ground in the mall parking lot, and managed to swallow the receipt during the struggle - only to have the clerk on duty print out a fresh one with all the same info.

Ojea is charged with fraudulent use of credit cards, retail theft and tampering with evidence. Source: Palm Beach Post