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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Stoned on Stones
#2 - What a Bubble-Head!
#3 - Razor Blade Found In Pastry

Stoned on Stones

An Iowa man proved he had rocks in his head – by putting rocks in his mouth and chomping them outside a high school in a meth-fueled daze.

A group of teens spotted Michael Sutton near their Des Moines school and asked him why he appeared to be eating rocks, to which he replied, "Because I lost my meth." School officials called cops to scope out the situation and check on the two small children who were accompanying the disheveled Sutton. When the responding officer arrived, Sutton was still at it.

When asked if he thought his behavior was odd, Sutton replied, "Well, they are small rocks." He tried to escape, but was stopped and arrested on charges of child endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The boys were released to the custody of their mother. (Huffington Post)

What a Bubble-Head!

A New Hampshire man is feeling a little less bubbly today after being busted for stealing champagne from a 7-Eleven – right after filling out a job application with his real name and address on it.

Chandra Gajmer walked into the store and asked if there were any gigs available, then filled out the application honestly – which wasn't a good policy in this case. As he was leaving, he tried to sneak two bottles of pink champagne off a shelf, but the clerk on duty spotted him and called cops.

The arresting officer noted that Gajmer's job hunt "definitely didn't" work out very well. (UPI)


Razor Blade Found In Pastry

A lot of words can be used to describe the food at Dunkin' Donuts – like "sweet," "savory" or "delicious." Thanks to a woman in Connecticut, the words "dangerous" and "sharp" can be added to that list.

Priscilla Salas recently picked up a croissant from her local Dunkin' Donuts and felt something cut her mouth when she bit into it. Upon further inspection, she found pieces of a razor blade inside. A company official says the metal shards may have broken off from a box cutter used to cut into a package, but they're conducting an investigation. Salas, meanwhile, has received an apology and a gift card. (NY Daily News)


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