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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - A Half Baked Plan
#2 - He Threw Himself Under the Bus
#3 - Cited for Holiday Spirit [VIDEO]

A Half Baked Plan

An Italian man got a little flaky in his pursuit of free breakfast pastry – by falsely claiming to be a mafia boss in order to get his hands on some no-cost croissants.

Ubaldo Citarella allegedly kept pestering the manager of his local coffee bar for freebies, boasting that he had the sort of underworld connections that could cause trouble if he didn't get his cut of the dough ... as soon as it came out of the oven. The man went along with Citarella's wishes for a while, but got freaked out when the phony thug left a bottle of gasoline on the doorstep as a "warning" when he was asked to pay.

The cafe owner then called cops, who made Citarella an offer he couldn't refuse – a trip to jail over the threats. (Orange News)


He Threw Himself Under the Bus

A Florida man found out that life was un-"fare" when he tried to pull off a bank robbery, only to get caught because he couldn't elude cops with his getaway vehicle – a city bus!

Timothy Paul Jones went to a teller's window at a Wells Fargo branch and passed a note demanding cash, which he grabbed before making his way to a gas station right across the street, where he changed his shirt in an effort to disguise himself. The trick might have worked if he didn't have to wait for the number 124 bus – which he eventually boarded.

Deputies didn't have too much trouble finding him on the vehicle and arrested him carrying the cash and the clothing he was wearing during the holdup. (Orlando Sentinel)


Cited for Holiday Spirit

A Minnesota man was arrested for letting it snow .... money.

Serge Vorobyov says he's had a rough year, so he wanted to help himself − and others − feel better on Black Friday. So, he took $1,000 in dollar bills and threw it from the fourth floor of the Mall of America ... as a choir performed “Let it Snow” below.

“I went through a horrible divorce, and she even took the cat and won’t tell me where it is. I thought I would just spread some holiday cheer and pay it forward.”

Well, cops didn't see it that way. They arrested him and charged him with disorderly conduct.

According to a Mall of America spokesperson, the reason for his arrest was that his actions could have caused a major disturbance and people could have been injured.

“I think all the people down there enjoyed it,” Serge said. (CBS)



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